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Epic Base

Here you’ll find different bases available for your printing process. Please explore how to use the inks, in the dedicated PDF file. The PDF file can be accessed from the side menu or from the below archive

Epic Base - Archive

Halftone Base

Stretch Base

Special Effects Clear

HD Clear

Particle Base

Omni Clear

Luna Clear

HD Sharp Clear

Athletic LB Base

Soft Hand Clear

NuPuff Base

Flock Adhesive Base

Fashion Soft Base

Imagebrite Ref Base

Nova Base

Echo Soft Base

Natural Suede Base

Brittle Base

Sculpture Base

Rock Base

Plush Base

Nylon Mesh Base

Amazing Base

Echo Mixing Base

Mixing Base

Top Score LBFF Base

Cork Base

Performance Base

Metallic Base


Please follow the guide lines in the technical leaflet. Wrong or extensive use can give reduced printing properties of the ink and reduced use and washing properties of the finished ink film.

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