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About Us

We guarantee the highest quality of systems for industrial decoration, marking and identification - established in over 87 years of experience.

History of Juhl A/S

In 1933, Theodor Martin Juhl opened his paint shop on the corner of Frederiks Allé and Ewalds Gade in Aarhus, Denmark. A lot has happened since then, and today Juhl supplies to business throughout Scandinavia within industrial decoration, labeling and identification.

Juhl not only supplies to the Scandinavian market but also exports to various European and Middle Eastern markets.

After Theodor Martin Juhl opened his paint shop in 1933, the business quickly took off. From the very beginning, the paint trade had a significant wholesale trade for industrial companies throughout Denmark. When his son, Niels Jørgen Juhl, became a co-owner of Juhls Farvehandel in the mid-1950s, he added a growing wholesale company of screen printing accessories to the company. With 85 years of experience in B2B, you can safely say that it is a big part of our DNA. Juhl is today exclusively a B2B company.

Theodor’s son – Niels Jørgen Juhl – was curious and innovative by nature. Therefore, he also experimented with the development of screen printing inks. The experiments bore fruit and led to the company’s first screen-printing customer, the Ceres brewery in Aarhus. The brewery now went from painting their beer crates to printing them with Juhls ’s screen printing ink.

This development set in motion a change in the company from being a paint shop to after 1971 dealing exclusively with articles for screen printing and tampon printing. By 1985, the company had become so large that more elbowroom was needed, which is why the company moved to new premises in Malling, where we still live today.

Today, Theodor’s grandson – Niels Juhl, Lisbeth Juhl and Morten Frost, runs Juhl. Juhl works to offer the best service to our customers in i.a. the graphic industry, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, glass, metal and plastics industries. At Juhl, we work with a “second-to-non service”, which means that the collaboration with the customer can vary from qualified technical advice to thorough adhesion and weather tests of color printing on the items provided by the customer.

We have dealer agreements with a large number of reputable suppliers and we are constantly evolving. Juhl constantly invests in the latest technology, which is clearly to the customer’s advantage. We also believe that training our customers in the use of our products helps to create the optimal result for the collaboration.

About Juhl A/S - History

We guarantee the highest quality of systems!

Meet our Sales & Administration Division

Our Head Office is in Malling, near Aarhus in Denmark, with Administration, Sales, Logistics, Production and warehouse. We also have a division in Sweden – Juhl Svenska AB.

Morten Frost

Sales Director

Lisbeth Hansen Juhl


Our proud history

Juhl A/S was established in 1933 in Aarhus.

Juhl's Paintshop was founded

March 7, Establishment of Juhl's Paintshop in Aarhus, Denmark

Screen Printing
First screen print customer

The paint shop has its first screen print customer.

25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary

The assortment of screen printing supplies becomes extensive.

Screen Printing Articles
Wholesale company

The paint shop diversifies into a wholesale company selling screen printing articles.

Coates & Sun Chemical Inks and Sefar

The company introduces computer-supported execution of orders. Also this
year JUHL A/S becomes the distributor and service company for Wiederhold
Screen & Pad Printing Inks also known as Coates & Sun Chemical Inks, and Sefar.

50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary
Moves to Malling, near Aarhus
New Location

JUHL A/S moves to a bigger facility in a more rural part of the Aarhus area. The new
domicile is a former concrete factory, redesigned by the Austrian architect Jörg Kerchlango

Distributor of Textile Inks

Juhl A/S becomes distributor & knowledge centre for Wilflex Textile Inks

Niels F. Juhl & Jens J. Juhl
Third Generation

Niels F. Juhl and Jens J. Juhl, members of the third generation, takes over the company.

60th Anniversary
60th Anniversary & New Strategy

60th Anniversary. Strategy is changes from only selling
consumables to being a process supplier.

First Homepage

JUHL A/S becomes one of the first companies in its
business getting a homepage on the world wide web.

New owners

Niels F. Juhl & Lisbeth Juhl buys all stocks and takes over the company.

Coates Screen

JUHL A/S takes over Coates Screen Denmark in Ballerup.

Coates Circuit

JUHL A/S takes over Coates Circuit Products from Ryttergaard.


JUHL A/S becomes representatives of TAMPOPRINT in Scandinavia.


JUHL A/S takes over STV DK. JUHL A/S has now also a
stretching department on Zealand.

75th Anniversary
75th Anniversary

JUHL A/S celebrates its 75th. Anniversary.

New Division
Juhl Svenska AB

Juhl A/S establish Juhl Svenska AB in Sweden.

80th Anniversary
80th Anniversary

JUHL A/S celebrates its 80th. Anniversary.

Morten Frost buys 20%

Morten Frost buys 20% of the shares in JUHL A/S & Juhl Svenska AB.

Morten Frost buys another 20%

Morten Frost buys another 20% of the shares in JUHL A/S & Juhl Svenska AB, and now has 40% of the ownership. Niels F. Juhl and Lisbeth Juhl has 60%.