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Service of Machines


Regular maintenance makes sense.

Maintenance is about overview, reliability, cost management and guidance. During ongoing maintenance of your production equipment, many faults are discovered before they result in component failure and loss of production. This helps you prevent production stop and extraordinary expenses, as well as it helps increase safety. Juhl can offer a tailor-made service agreement customized to your equipment and needs.

Individually customized maintenance of production equipment


Why choose a Service Agreement from Juhl

Our experience shows that machines and equipment that are subjects of a service agreement are less likely to be hit by unforeseen downtime.

The service agreement secures that the units keep running with optimal efficiency and minimal costs for maintenance and repair. The service life of the machine or system is extended as the natural ware and tear on mechanical parts such as chains, sprockets, gears, guides, slide rails, bearings, couplings and transmissions are minimized via lubrication, oil changes and adjustments.