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Tantec has a long well know experience in solving the problems of adhesion. Improved quality for printing, coating, bonding, wetting, painting, and cleaning. The Tantec core competence is manufacturing quality, high-end surface treatment products for our industry. Tantec continuously develops new innovative solutions for a demanding market. This makes the perfect match with the decoration, marking and identification portfolio from Juhl.

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The CableTEC is designed for treatment of wires, cables, optical fibers without inner conductor, tubes, and various extrusions


Determining the surface energy can be achieved by measuringcontact angle or by using Tantec surface energy test inks – DyneTEC


Corona Treatment of Foam & Board. Corona treatment systems by Tantec significantly increase surface energy and improve adhesion.

HV-X Series

Power Generators and TransformersFor Vacuum Plasma and Corona Treaters


Corona Treatment of Narrow Web. The low surface energy of polymerbased substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. Surface treatment with Corona results in improved surface adhesion properties.


LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.


MonTEC is an advanced system for Tantec’s corona and plasma treaters that monitors the discharge performance from each individual treatment electrode.


The PipeTEC is designed for treatment of the inside surface of jacket pipes for optimized adhesion of PUR foam which is needed for insulation of the pipe core.


Tantec’s New PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma treatment system is built around the concept of a high voltage DC Plasma discharge in atmospheric air.


ProfileTEC Plasma Treatment of EPDM Profiles to achieve a strong bond between the rubber and the adhesive used to attach the flock. 


Tantec RotoTEC-X is used for in-line treatment of injection moulded parts prior to coating, printing, gluing, painting etc. The RotoTEC-X ensures a very uniform treatment process and offers the user full process control of all parameters.


Tantec RotoVAC plasma treater is designed for plasma treatment of small injection moulded plastic parts, without the need to place them in a jig or use complicated handling systems.


Corona Treatment of Sheets and Plates, results in improved surface adhesion properties before printing.


Tantec SpotTEC is used for treatment of profiles, cables and injectionmoulded parts. The SpotTEC is easily adapted into any productionline.


SyrinTEC is specially designed for 360° treatment of PP and PE syringe barrels.


Tantec VacuLAB-X is a compact version of the full scale VacuTEC unit.The VacuLAB-X offers the ability to handle small scale testing and offersthe user full control of all parameters.


The Tantec VacuLINE Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a variety of different injection moulded parts. The machine is ideal for in-line production, where no operators are needed.


Tantec ́s VacuTEC Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a largenumber of different injection moulded parts. The VacuTEC is availablewith both single and multiple tray configuration.


Tantecs VacuTEC 2020 Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a large number of different injection moulded parts.


Tantecs VacuTEC 5050 Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a large number of different injection moulded parts. T