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Screen printing is a great printing technique. Direct-to-garment is a great printing technique. So… what happens if you combine the two in one machine? You get FANTASTIC results. The Hybrid printer can print up to 300 pieces per hour on dark garments and is truly one of a kind.


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Combining screen and DTG printing is a great way to push your business forward. You have the opportunity to print a beautifully solid white underbase with screenprinting paste and add a DTG print on top. Or you can create an exciting DTG motif and then add special applications such as glitter, foil, devoree, foam, etc., using the screen printing feature. aeoon’s Kyo-To-Screen pallet allows you to print directly onto the screen, which means that you no longer need any foils. Running a Hybrid requires a relatively small space, the process is very clean and you only need a small dark room.