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With a Compact you can have it all – a DTG printer in a convenient size that can print up to 150 pieces an hour on dark garments, while coming with an integrated ink shaker, a humidifier system and the possibility to use pallet sizes up to 120x80cm.


Detailed information:



aeoon’s Compact is a true allrounder that produces high-quality prints at a fantastic speed. It is also possible to add the PLUS system and turn your machine into a Compact PLUS. What is the PLUS system? It is an integrated heat press, used to press garments during the printing process. Not only does this prevent press marks, it also enables you to press your textiles before, during and after printing on them. This enhances the print quality and washability even further. And the best part? The extra step doesn’t cost you more time, as it all happens during the printing process. – It will however, save you an extra workstep, an external heat press and possible even one workforce.