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Screen Inks UV Based

Here you find the comprehensive ink programs from Sun Chemical. Sun Chemical is also known as Coates Screen Inks from Wiederholdplatz in Nürnberg. Below in the matrix you get an overview of the different ink systems, and what the preferred material is for each ink system. When chosen the right ink system you can find detailed information about the application, properties, color range, and how to use the inks system, in the dedicated PDF file. The PDF file can be accessed from the side menu or from the below archive. Please note that the archive contains more ink system then the overview matrix presents. E.g. you’ll also find information about the range of available additives for the ink systems. If you need assistance you can contact our sales team as well as you can send us samples of your material for further evaluation and advice.

Screen Inks UV based - Archive

Auxiliary Agents & Additives (HM)

Panel Display HytekTM PDH

UV 70/488

UV 70/511 70/597

UV 70/516

UV 70/623 70/635

UV 70/488

UV 70/683

UV 70/738 70/739

UV 70/880-MT

UV 70/KS

UV 70/L 70/L-HV

UV 70/LC 70/LC-HV


UV 70/XT 70/XT-MT


UV MLS 70/00/02/03


Screen Inks UV based - Color Cards

C-MIX 2000

UV Metallic Effects

Color Card Translator