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Embossing technology offers functionality, design, protection, and value like no other printing process. Stringent requirements do not allow for any compromises when it comes to choosing the right stamping foil. That’s why Peyer have consistently tailored our range to the needs of its various areas of application and respective markets, always producing excellence in the process.

Tubes, caps, cosmetics, household appliances, tools, medical-technical devices and apparatus, accessories from the automotive industry, plastic products, cases and electronic devices. They all have one thing in common, they need labelling and design. Peyer is used to meeting highly individual and often complex requirements, and supports the industry in the early stages of product planning. Solutions are required here that not only meet aesthetic, but also qualitative and, most importantly, price requirements.


Detailed information:

Tubes & Caps

Long Caps

Cosmetic Packaging


With innovative and high-quality services, Peyer help improve the experience and increase the value of the customers’ products. Millions of consumers worldwide use Peyer products every day on packaging, bottles, books, in their cars, or in kitchen appliances.